Several seminars on computer security for banks including residential seminar on the security of information systems at "l’abbaye des Vaux de Cernay" in the Yvelines (FRANCE).

Various articles and exposees:
  • Article in "Management and Computer Science" (1967);
  • A.F.I.R.O Congress (1967);
  • I.F.I.P. International Congress (1968);
  • Exposee on the videotex in the worldwide (1981);
  • Exposee in english on telepayment at PHOENIX (ARIZONA) for approximately 60 american bankers with BULL, the D.G.T, the CLUB MED, etc. (1982);
  • SECURICOM Congress in CANNES (FRANCE) (1983);
  • EUROCRYPT Congress in La SORBONNE (PARIS) where I was president and author of "smart card and security" (1984);
  • In addition, I have developed several algorithms, in particular patented a device for the data protection (Method and Device for qualitative saving of digitized data), with MM. CAMION, director of research at I.N.R.I.A and HARARI, professor of theoretical computer science at TOULON, patent realized for the B.F.C.E